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John King writes fiction - scripts, short stories, flashfiction - articles and reviews. He is a member of the Editorial Committee of Voices magazine (ISSN 2397-5016 www.secondgeneration.org.uk) and contributes to other publications and events. 



          Wise Guy and other fables  2008  ISBN 9780955851902 

          Wise Guy 2012 is also available as an eBook at Smashwords ISBN 9781476351735 

          Drama King  2010  ISBN  9780955851919  

          Funky / Guy and other micro-fiction  2012  ISBN  9780955851964 

          Micro-Waves  2012  ISBN  9780955851933 

          Vienna, love  2014  ISBN  9780955851971

          A and E  2014   A contemporary drama in two acts  ISBN 9780955851995

          Prog  2015    ISBN 978-0-9931306-0-1

          What's Left  2016    ISBN 978-0-9931306-2-5

          Low-Rise  2016 ISBN 978-0-9931306-3-2

          SW10  2017 ISBN 978-0-9931306-4-9

          West End Story 2017 ISBN 978-0-993106-5-6

          Nice People 2018 ISBN 978-0-9931306-6-3

          Memories of the Future 2019 ISBN 978-09931306-7-0



          Contributor to: 

          Aesthetica, Reflex Fiction, Unquiet Desperation, Voices 

          Online / Broadcast: 

          ABC Tales, BikeStory, BBC radio, BushGreen, National Flash Fiction Day, Smashwords, Soundstage North 


          Frug @ St Ives Arts Club, Script Factor (Script Yorkshire), Script Reading @ West Yorkshire Playhouse, Writers’ House Ilkley Playhouse  

  Non fiction:

         Articles, reviews: 

         Amazon, BESIG/IATEFL, Dialogin.com, International Affairs, Library Prof Coaching, Voices, Yorkshire Post 


         Asia Pacific Press, EU Sector guides, OUP, Macmillan, Migros, Spotlight, York Associates International 


         Write Coach  2014  ISBN 9780955851988 Available from York European Publishing at lulu.com

         Write Coach II  2015  ISBN 978-0-9931306-1-8


          Artworkscreative, Arvon, City Lit London, Edx, JBW London, NCTJ, Script Yorkshire, Skyros Writers’ lab, Society for Editors and Proofreaders, Oxford  Univ., UCLA, UEA, WEA, York Univ.  


 *All fiction titles are available through www.lulu.com and comply with British Library legal deposit    


John King International supports: 

Bradford District NHS Care Trust Community Health Champions


Ilkley Literature Festival,

Lord's Taverners, (link)

Primary Club, (link)


Trees for Cities, 

Urban Bees,

Woodland Trust

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